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Comyns Silver

Fruit Basket - Lidi Bunga Manggar

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The 'Bunga Manggar', originally named after the flower of the Cocos nucifera, or coconut palm is a decorative flower especially used to mark special and auspicious occasions in most parts of Southeast Asia. The word 'Lidi' is also derived from the Malay name for the coconut leaf spine used extensively in Malaysian handicrafts. The Lidi 'Bunga Manggar' Fruit Basket is completely handmade from sterling silver rods beaten and shaped into a unique spiral form. The shimmer of the 'Bunga Manggar' is then captured and imitated through this expression. A limited-edition of 100 worldwide.

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H19cm Ø11cm

English heritage and exquisite silver craftmanship

Comyns is a heritage sterling silver brand with a legacy of creating remarkable centrepieces and contemporary jewellery.

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